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Pupils and students

We know that the future success of our company depends first and foremost on our qualified junior employees. For this reason, Hauni Hungaria places great emphasis on the provision of successful careers advice and training for young people and students. In this conjunction, Hauni Hungaria supports vocational schools and universities with the aim of establishing modern educational opportunities.  

Our companies offer trainees and students a wide variety of opportunities:
Vocational internship

Pupils, students and training establishments need to be given a good understanding of the career opportunities available in our company from the earliest possible stage. Applications from pupils and students for vocational or study internships are always welcome. The precondition for a position of employment within the context of an internship is a “cooperation agreement” between the training establishment and Hauni Hungaria.

Training agreement
One of the pillars of the cooperation between Hauni Hungaria and the partner schools is the practical training of trainees in our company. During the training period the trainees receive a practical training of a high standard and a corresponding training remuneration.

Diploma dissertation
Have you got an exciting topic for your diploma dissertation? Then ask us whether the topic is also of interest for our company. While you are working on your final dissertation you will be fully supported by a qualified member of staff drawn from the specialist department.

Twinned schools in Pécs and region:

  • 500. sz. Angster József Szakképző Iskola (vocational school)
  • Zipernowsky Károly Szakképző Iskola (Technical educational school)
  • Kökönyösi Oktatási Centrum (Educational center)