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Our factory in Pécs is one of the most important locations of the Körber Group. Our around 1,000 highly-skilled collegues work with modern and professional equipment in an attractive work environment. The production of our world-class products provides real professional challenges and continuous development opportunities for every employee.

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Why work at Hauni?


Hauni is a stable company that has been operating in Pécs for more than a quarter of a century. As part of the German-based Körber Group, it is a major player in the global market for custom machine building. It is a significant investor in planning for the long term, a reliable employer and an active supporter of the local community.


Outstanding and predictably increasing salary, SZÉP card, variable pay. Extra allowances (Christmas, loyalty and performance-based corporate bonus), allowances for commuting to work, starting school, summer children's camps and discounted mobile fleet and employer home loans are available for all colleagues.


Exceptional working conditions await colleagues at Hauni. Our production equipment and machining centers represent state-of-the-art technology, including machines that are unique in the entire region.


Sport activities for every employee for a symbolic price in 17 clubs/divisions and a minimum 25 days of paid leave. Opportunities for part-time work, working from home and every year we hold a large-scale family day and other smaller events with gifts. The Hauni card offers discounts at an ever increasing number of local shops and service providers.

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With its quarter-century history, Hauni Hungaria is one of the oldest industrial manufacturies in Pécs. It offers a secure and predictable job and, thanks to its future-oriented thinking, a real opportunity for professional development. We know that the key to our success is the creativity and commitment of our colleagues, so we create the suitable conditions for them. We reward professional performance with outstanding pay and offer a plannable work schedule to balance family life and work.

Closing the wage gap

While in the European Union, women’s salaries are 16% less on average than their male counterparts, in Hungary this figure is ever so slightly more favorable with ’only’ 14%. The situation at Hauni Hungaria’s manufactory in Pécs is an order of magnitude better, as the wages of the two genders are essentially the same. Although the company works in the custom machine manufacturing industry, thus there is a naturally higher proportion of men compared to women, comparing data from 16 different jobs held by both women and men, the wage gap averages only 2.6%.

Family Day 2019

Family Day 2019

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HAUNI Hungaria Ltd welcomes all those interested in the company with open gates.

Factory visits

Factory visits

A laser welding machine, unique in Hungary, started in production in early 2020.

Laser welding machine

Laser welding

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