State-of-the art technology in Pécs

Hauni Hungaria offers extensive services in the field of machining and manufacturing with its over a 1,000 highly-trained workers in Pécs. From construction, through machining, sheet metal processing, assembly to the development of complete machines, HAUNI provides it all. The workflows and processes of HAUNI for the design, development, production, surface treatment, painting, assembly and sale of machines and machine parts are certified DIN EN ISO 9001:2015 by TÜV Nord. This certificate enables the expansion of the product range, while also provides the fulfilment of the customers' expectations.



The Acqusition of the Sopiana Machine Factory

Hauni purchases the Sopiana Machine Factory

The Sopiana Machine Factory declared bankruptcy in 1991 due to significant receivables. In 1994 Hauni purchased the Sopiana's production halls, machines and as legal successor, undertook the further employment of 150 workers. That is how Hauni Sopiana Machine Factory was founded, with two production units: Assembly and Machinery, on 10,000 m2 with 210 employees.


The expansion of the Equipment Assembly

The Equipment Assembly gets to a new level

The Hamburg parent company continuously improves and modernizes the machine pool. An important milestone in this aspect is the expansion and modernization of the production unit of the Equipment Assembly.


Continuous expansion

Three new producton halls in two years

Along with the expansion of the Sheet Metal Processing unit, the central Warehouse and the Machinery Assembly are built as well. Therefore the production area of the factory has quadrupled to 40,000 m2 since the turn of the century. Naturally the expansion brought technological development, modern cell-based assembly was realized and with the introduction of the Production and Logistics System, lead times shortened and the costs of inventory management reduced.


Independent construction

Hauni's fifth independent production unit, the Construction is founded.

Around 40 engineers, IT specialists, draftsmen and projects coordinator's experience and craftsmanship was concentrated here, offering technical services to the rest of the company. Engineering design, construction support for the production process and the preparation of concept studies were also among the tasks of the new group.


Modernization in the Machinery unit

The goal is productivity growth in the Machinery unit

The conscious developments' next stop was the renovation of the Machinery's full machine pool. In the second half of the year 1.5 billion HUF technological investment was carried out and introduced, as a result of which machining centers, milling machines, lathes, laser cutting and grinding machines for the production of parts for tobacco machines were put into operation.


The new Social building

To provide the proper quality of welfare and conditions to over a 1,000 workers.

The new building has comfortable changing rooms, social areas, along with modern occupational doctor's offices and halls ideal for conferences and trainings. There is a spacious restaurant and buffet on the ground floor and next to the factory gates, a new parking lot was built with 180 parking spaces. All these contribute to providing the best possible working conditions for the Hauni workers.


Expanding university relations

The expansion of the cooperation between the University of Pécs and HAUNI

The cooperation agreement signed in 2018 came to fruition in the form of a new department in the Faculty of Engineering and Information Technology of the University of Pécs. The formation of the new department was supported by Hauni.


The 25th Anniversary

Hauni Hungaria celebrates its 25th jubilee

Hauni Hungaria is the successor of the century-old traditions of machine manufacturing in Pécs. Hauni is a stable, reliable and dynamically growing company, one of the city's and county's biggest employers and taxpayers since 1994.

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