The protection of natural and societal environment is a mission of high importance for Hauni Hungaria. Environmental aspects - above all waste management and energy efficiency are emphasized in the planning of our investments and in our daily production processes. As part of our social responsibility programs, we do our share of helping with financial support and volunteer work.


Energy Efficient Company Award

Sustainability is a key aspect of the factory's operations, so we make significant efforts to reduce energy consumption year after year. A few of our efforts include: replacing all boilers and air conditioners with more modern and more efficient equipment, and further streamlining our consumption with the central control connected to them. With the waste heat of high-performance compressors, we can heat entire production halls and the production of hot water is assisted by solar collectors. Among other things thanks to these, Hauni Hungaria won the energy efficient company award in 2020.

Blood Donor-Friendly Workplace

In 2019, we were once again awarded the title of Blood Donor-Friendly Workplace by the Hungarian Red Cross, which is awarded once every five years. We are immeasurably proud of our colleagues, who selflessly help their troubled fellow human beings several times a year. Hauni Hungaria ensures in its own internal regulations that the work schedule does not get in the way of the helping intention, and supports blood donors with time, convenient location, organization, food and drink. The company, which employs around 1,000 people, has had more than 150 employees involved in blood donations in the last 2 years with an average of at least 50 people attending blood donations four times a year.

Our programs

Supporting the local community

Hauni Hungaria is a regular supporter of the cultural and sports life of Pécs, including the internationally renowned Pannon Philharmonic Orchestra and the city's long-standing sports association, PVSK. The company is among the sponsors of several music events in the city, such as the Made in Pécs Festival and the Pécs University Festival. The support of the local NGOs and foundations is very important for Hauni, both in terms of resources and funding.


Local communities are important to Hauni Hungaria so the company does its best to be an active member of these organizations. There is a strong emphasis on regularly organized volunteer days, attended by hundreds of colleagues each year. Hauni employees help to tidy up schools, kindergartens, health care institutions, and make parks and playgrounds more beautiful, often in places recommended by themselves. The company usually adds additional asset donations to the work done.

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Environmental protection

We always put environmental considerations first in our day-to-day operations and investment planning. We have invested significant sums in modernizing the factory’s heating, lighting and cooling systems, substantially reducing our energy consumption and CO2 emissions. We planted hundreds of trees both on the factory site and in public spaces in Pécs, thus contributing to a greener urban environment. We support the zoo through volunteer work and adoption.

Hauni Group Focus Reports

Focus Report 2018

The Hauni Group focused on preserving biodiversity when it comes to sustainability in 2018. The current Focus Report introduces the topic and provides an overview of Hauni's cross-location sustainability campaign for more biodiversity and nature conservation.

Focus Report 2018 (pdf)

Focus Report 2017

Our sustainability strategies aim to make progress in all areas – including mobility. For example, we are investing in a fleet of electric vehicles to reduce CO2 emissions. With this focus report, we also want to offer our employees a wide variety of incentives and ideas for learning about new forms of mobility and trying them out for themselves.

Focus Report 2017 (pdf)

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Factory visits

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Laser welding

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