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We at Hauni Hungaria find it especially important to keep raising new generations of professionals, thus we continuously build and nurture relationships with the University of Pécs, several vocational schools, secondary schools and other institutions. We provide an opportunity for students to gain experience in their field before finishing their studies, so that they can enter the workforce with valuable work experience.

Dual training in higher and secondary education

Vocational and university students can participate in dual training at Hauni Hungaria. Dozens of professions await students including machining, welding, mechanical and electrical engineering and IT as well. The training is devided into two parts: theoretical lessons at school and practical training at Hauni. It is very beneficial as students gain valuable professional experience and are paid for their work, all while working towards their official qualification.

Internship with special benefits

Our goal is for talented young people to learn their chosen profession in the best possible conditions. As students, they get to know the state-of-the-art machining technology and get used to the high quality standards requested by our customers. Their work is remunerated with wages significantly higher than required by law, and during the course of their internship, they can earn twice the amount of the minimum wage in a month. After graduation, they can start their careers with the outstanding practical experience gained at our company – in some cases, even at Hauni Hungaria. Our company welcomes students in vocational training as well as university students for summer internships.

Thesis and doctoral research

Have you found an interesting topic for your thesis that you would need the help of a world-class machine manufacturing company to write? Are you working on a research project that is related to the activities of Hauni Hungaria as a doctoral student? Contact us and if we like your topic, our highly qualified professionals will gladly support your work and help you prepare your dissertation. We are primarily looking for engineering students, however we are also happy to help students in other fields.

University of Pécs - Hauni cooperation

Hauni Technologies Department

As one of the first results of the cooperation agreement signed in 2018, a new department was launched in 2019 with the support of Hauni Hungaria as part of the Faculty of Engineering and Information Technology at the University of Pécs. The organizational unit, named Hauni Technologies Department, operates within the Institute of Smart Technology and Engineering. Hauni also gives lectures and teaches courses at other university faculties.

Training at Hauni:

Duális szakképzés a Hauninál

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Factory visits

Factory visits

A laser welding machine, unique in Hungary, started in production in early 2020.

Laser welding machine

Laser welding

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