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3D-CAD/CAM manufacturing

This type of machining operation uses a 3D model created in the CAD system to generate a machining program, with the work being produced on an appropriate machining center. Hauni Hungaria employs the TopSolid CAD/CAM tool.

First, the optimum tool strategy and production parameters are chosen for the component and for the machine being used. The quality and precision of the machined surfaces are specified by the different machining strategies and production parameters which essentially determine the processing time.

One important step is post-processing which generates the machining program for the machining center. For this step, we use High Speed Cutting technology (HSC) with a smaller cutting depth but faster feed rates. For pre-roughing, we use the Torus and Trigon milling machines with indexable inserts which are ideal for large quantities of chips and able to withstand high loads. Planishing is almost exclusively carried out by ball-type milling cutters.


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