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Sheet metal working

Laser cutting, sheet metal bending, roll bending, spot and WIG/MIG/MAG welding of stainless steel and normal steel are all part of our day-to-day business. Our TÜV-certified specialists use a variety of processes to weld thin sheet metal at over 15 welding workshops.

A qualified group of welders are masters at welding thin sheet metal made of stainless steel for containers, hoods and tubs. Profiles and sheet metal made of normal steel are also processed.

Complex welded structures can also be created at our welding workshops. Our employees have all relevant welding qualifications, in accordance with TÜV Rheinland specifications. Sheet metal is processed using the CAD/CAM principle. The programs we use include essentially SolidWorks, TruLaser, TruBend and TruTops Unfold.


for Profit Center plant engineering
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Machine assembly, dismantling, packaging coordination and extensive customer service are part and parcel of our regular activities. We plan and assemble pneumatic, water, steam and electrical installations, and also put these into operation.

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