Hauni's custom machines are assembled under the hands of the highly-trained professionals working in the Assembly, using 28,000 different types of component parts annually. Thanks to our diverse machinery and experienced workers we are able to manufacture custom-designed machines for all industries. The remarkably complex and strict quality standards guarantee that the products assembled live up to our customers' expectations.

Equipment and Machinery Assembly

In order to optimize raw material supply and to shorten delivery lead times, we use the flow line method when assembling machines of small series. Our machines and equipment are assembled based on individual needs, so if required, we install and test them according to the product specifications we receive from our customer. The knowledge of our highly-skilled mechanical and electrotechnical specialists guarantees the precise and high-quality work.

Leading technology

The workers of the Assembly make high-technology production equipment for a wide range of industries, from the tobacco industry to pharmaceutical factories. Depending on our customers' needs, we either manufacture the complete machine or just certain moduls of it in Pécs. In addition to the mechanical systems, Hauni's specialists also install electronic, pneumatic and hydraulic systems as well.

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Factory visits

Factory visits

A laser welding machine, unique in Hungary, started in production in early 2020.

Laser welding machine

Laser welding

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