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The logistics team of Hauni is responsible for the procurement, storage and delivery of more than twenty-thousand components of the produced machines. They organize the arrival of raw materials with a high degree of precision, so that everything is available at the right time, fitted to the production schedule. The parts are stored in our digitalized, completely paperless warehouse. From here, they are carefully sorted and grouped according to specific workflows, and then delivered to our colleagues or customers.


Machine assembly, disassembly, packaging coordination and comprehensive customer service are a part of our everyday lives. Delivered parts, units, machines and equipment are optimally protected, so they can be stored up to 24 months without damage.

Interesting facts (annually)

  • 162

    Annual fiber consumption (km)

  • 26000

    Forklift work hours

  • 51000

    Types of parts

  • 11500

    Storage surface (m2)

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Factory visits

Factory visits

A laser welding machine, unique in Hungary, started in production in early 2020.

Laser welding machine

Laser welding

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